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If It’s Time To Tie The Knot Then Where’s The Party?

Add some spice to your party

Set up the best wedding venues South Eastern suburbs filled with music, games and memories to cherish for the bride to be! No it isn’t a hassle at all. Just make a list of all that she’d like and add spice to the party.

Let the excitement begin

Let’s begin with a game that will help bond the guests and the bride to be. An icebreaker for all guests in order to get to know one another – two truths and a lie. Every guest will have to mention three experiences but only two of them will be real ones. The rest of the guests will have to point out the wrong one which they think is not likely to be the bride to be. Here’s another idea to keep it fun and spicy. Once all presents are given to the girl of the night after the bridal shower games, let her open each one of them in front of the guests. Check this out if you are looking for affordable wedding venues. 

One of the bridesmaids will have to secretly write down or record the ‘oohs and aahs’ of the bride to be while opening the gifts. Soon after the gift opening is over, you can get along with every other guest in the room and scream all ‘aahs and oohs’ in a sexy way. Will add great spice! The best bridal shower games will remain as fun filled memories!

Life is short – have fun!

How about a honeymoon hunt? Here’s another great idea that can be played. Make a list of sexy items such lingerie and handcuffs, hide them around the area of the party place before the night of the party and divide the guests into teams. Give them a list of things to find within a certain time limit. The team that finds the most of the items are the winners. To add more trick, give hints instead of item names. You can also blindfold the guests which will be even more fun. Another game that can be added to the list is to fill paper bags with things such as lipstick, toilet roll etc and pass a bag around with the music on. When the music stops and whoever has the bag and handed it over will need to be in the spot light. They will be blindfolded and asked to do something with the items in the bag, for instance apply lipstick to the other person. These will be great moments to capture and clean fun. In the end of the party write down about things to be remembered that night and hand it over to the bride to be. The night is yet young so have fun!