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Keep Your Girlfriend Happy.

Be the perfect guy for your girlfriend, treat her right then she will treat you right too. Tell her that you love her, you don’t need a special time to tell her that you love say it whenever possible. Tell her how much she means to you and how much she makes you happy. Hearing these, your girlfriend would be happy and she will love you even more. Show her affection, don’t be scared to hold your girlfriend’s hand in public if you do really love her, she would love when other people see how much you love her. Have good eye contact with her while you are talking, so she would know that you meant what you said. Compliment her, tell her that she is beautiful and that you have never met someone like her. Appreciate her and encourage her. Compliment her especially on looks and talents this would motivate her.
Give her little surprises.
Be romantic, write loves notes for her when she doesn’t expect. Don’t always message her your thoughts write them in a piece of paper and give it to her she would love it. Be a gentlemen, do everything you could do for her, send flowers Nedlands as most of the girls love flowers. Buy her chocolates or her favorite candy. Try to remember what she likes and what she doesn’t. Avoid doing things that she doesn’t like. Remember her favorite movie, song, perfume etc. girls love when their boyfriends remember special dates such as birthdays and anniversaries, so write them down in your diary if you think you might forget. Buy her presents on these special days.

Understand what makes her happy.
Be the man that she has always wanted. Don’t use her beause you are bored and you need someone to chat with all the time. Avoid fighting with her over small issues and don’t suspect her all the time. Apologize her even if she is wrong. Be open with her everything about you and listen to what she says. Let her feel whatever yours is hers too, if she wants to buy something pay for her. Make her feel protective.
Treat her well.
The most important aspect in a relationship is respect, learn to respect your girl. Never insult your girl or raise your hand to her. Stand for her when she needs your back. Don’t take your girl for granted, a common mistake guys do is thinking that their girlfriends are stuck with them forever so they don’t treat them right, if you love your girl and want her to be with you for the rest of your life treat her right. Keep your girl happy so that you can be happy too.