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Ways In Which To Fight The Big Wedding Trend?

For many years now, people have been following the ‘big wedding boom’, which is the practice of throwing massive, lavish wedding celebrations with hundreds of guests involved. Now as long as those paying for this wedding are capable of footing the bill, there should be no objection; however, it has become a trend of sorts and people expect brides and grooms to-be to follow this inane trend, inviting the entire world and their wife for the ceremony and reception. Recently, couples have started to jump off the ‘big wedding’ bandwagon and singing their own tune – they throw small, intimate weddings that are meaningful to them. Without criticizing those still opting for the big bang, here are some tips on how to keep a wedding simple, compact, and intimate.

Book Somewhere Small

Small function rooms are the answer to your prayers about how to keep the wedding small and manageable. First of all, they are lower in price to the big reception halls and ballrooms that hotels throw in your face when you go for inspections.

Secondly, small function rooms Melbourne mean limited space for guests; your guest list automatically gets smaller and that translates to lower cost in catering as well, especially since the overall cost is calculated per plate used. Even if the catering is done by the venue itself, they will charge you far less if you stick to the given seating than if you try to smash in some extra tables and chairs. A small setting also contributes to a feeling of intimacy that is absent in large, grand rooms.

Keep the List Short

Think carefully about this one: who do you really need at the wedding? There are friends you would like to see perhaps, but you haven’t seen each other in years nor kept in touch. Will it really make much difference to the happiness of the occasion if they are not present? When making the list, start with those who absolutely have to be there, like your closest family members, your friends from college, and your workmates. Once you have a good sized list, see if there’s still more room at the venue for you to add some more. If you already have too many, say a quick prayer and cut a few names. They may or may not be offended, but sometimes times can be tough, or your decision is to have a small celebration so someone has to stay home.

Cut Down on the Deco

Some weddings have so many flowers everywhere that it’s a challenge to talk to the person sitting in front of you at the table, let alone see the wedding party at the head table. Decoration is one of the things that have an unbelievable overhead and the actual cost is very low. Find a friend who can do your deco for a lower price, or make sure you have minimal decoration. At the end of the day, people will remember what the couple was like, and what they were wearing; the decorations will only be at the bottom of the discussion list.