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A New Way To Take A Party Up A Notch

Some times our worst fear is that people would remember s as that person who threw a lame party. Seriously, people have huge worries in that department. People remember it if it was such a blast or a bore. So you must make sure that your guests doesn’t leave your party relieved that it’s over.

So what can you do to make your party a memorable one? Well, the food is always a good way to make them remember your party.The better the food, the better they will like it. But to be honest sometimes you just don’t know how your food will turn out to be or you just don’t have the budget to hire the best caterer in town. So what do you do then? You make it special. How? Do something fun (well, not setting the carpet on fire type of fun but you know what I am talking about right?).

Find out what people like and use it to make your party a special one. Let’s take for an example something like this. What do you see the moment you log in to your FB or twitter accounts? What never goes away however much you scroll down? Well, the selfies of course! People love taking selfies and updating it on social media. So you take that and well, use it as your secret weapon at the party.

A trend that is being fast spreading in the world of celebration and event planning is open photo booth experiences in Adelaide. You simply put up a backdrop and click a button and voila! You get an instant photo developed in to your hands.

You can either get professional help (there are a lot of sites on the net that advertises these kinds of services with a cheap and affordable price tag or you can get it done yourself (if you have the time and motivation needed that is). You just need a creative backdrop, a camera (you can hire a cam that actually caters to your need and budget) and an instant photo printer (also available for hire). You must make sure that there is enough batteries and cartridges to survive the night). See this page if you are looking for best service of photo booth for your party.

Decorations and accessories are a key if you have a photo booth. Have a wide variety of funky decorations from fake mustaches to crowns. Be creative and take ideas either from the net or your imagination. Make sure that these are easy to make or cheaper to buy. Don’t overdo it and spend unnecessary amounts of money on something you can make at home from a cardboard and a permanent marker.

Have a wall of fame where your guests can put up their crazy selfies and weird photos up on an allocated wall with a quick sticky not to catch a funny caption. Or you and get them to write a one liner for you to either wish or annoy you (your choice).