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The Correct People You Need Around You, When You Need To Make A Wedding A Success.

A wedding is hardly something you can plan within the space of a few days. It takes time and definitely takes a few heads put together to make it a success. While it’s possible to look at someone else’s wedding and think “that’s not so hard to put together”, when it comes to your own wedding, we won’t be surprised if you think “man, that’s too complicated!”

It matters not if you are the bride or the groom; weddings are a complicated affair for both. The planning, the countless discussions, the money being spent and most of all, the sheer exhaustion tends to drive people up the wall; turning them completely unrecognizable sometimes.

The solution for this you ask?


It’s having the correct people around you.

And below are some of those “correct people” that we feel every couple should have around them when planning their special day.The correct friends and family.

It’s no secret that you’re going to be feeling harassed and nervous as the “D-day” approaches. Try having people who understand you even without having to say the words. Best friends, siblings and cousins often fit this category. The soothing friend, the cool-headed friend, and the peace maker friend are all going to make your life easier if you have them around–just make sure they all get along.

The correct person to organize the big event.

Take our word and start looking for a experienced wedding planner and a wedding stylist, maybe even as soon as you get engaged and have a particular date fixed.

Having them around will definitely reduce your nerves and tension as you have less to look into and plan. Some wedding planners are also do double duty as a wedding stylist in Gold Coast as well; so you needn’t deal with too many people.

The correct dress designer and make-up artist.

There’s nothing worst for a bride than looking “bad” on her special day because of a botched make-up job or the wrong dress. Most brides are pretty specific about what they need. Others though, can get a little confused. Having the right dress designer; someone who’s patient, creative and open to new ideas can work wonders even with the most confusing instructions. It’s same with the makeup artists. If you feel that you can do your own makeup, then that’s one less thing to worry about. Just keep in mind that “bridal nerves” may hit rather hard, and you might not be able to the “perfect job” at it, even if you’ve done the same makeup a hundred times before.