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Why A Wedding Is A Big Day 

Wedding is the big day because this day two people become one legally and this is the most beautiful relationship where two people are known as a one and that is the power of marriage and this day should celebrate and your loved one should be the part of this celebration. For example, you and your girlfriends have decided to get married and you guys don’t know what to do next so guys involved your family and take the suggestion that where and how you want to do your marriage and what would be the wedding venues Castle Hill and how many people are going to attend your wedding because these things are important to decide.

Live-in relationship 
Some of the people who are into relationship they live with their girlfriend or boyfriend it is called live-in relationship and this is not the new, in fact this is the great thing because two people should know each other before getting married that either they are compatible for each other not because when two people get married without knowing each other they might end up by taking divorce. For example, you are in relationship with someone whom you know for more than 6 months and your family started pressuring you to get married because you are already 35 years old so you plan to get married with the girl you are in relation with you did all the preparation booked the wedding venue and you got married but what happened after that? You and your wife didn’t make up because you both are opposite to each other and end up by divorced so the moral of the story when you are relationship with someone that is not the enough but when you live with the person for a time being actually then you get to know about the person and there you know if you both are compatible for each other or not. 

Family gathering 
When two people get married mean two families become friends and relatives which is the great thing and family members get a great chance to have fun. Wedding day is the most special day for the people who are getting married and the people who are going to attend it because they are going to witness the most adorable couple become legal. 

As wedding is a big day so this big day celebrated at the big place where all the people can have fun and Riverside oaks golf resort is one the best golf courses Hawkesbury they have a function room and they have conference room just in case you have a meeting during your wedding so you can conduct your meeting as well.