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How Balloons Help In Décor

No matter what occasion it is, either it is a birthday party, some office ceremony, a gift decoration or some hangout, balloons décor is always a great idea. Balloons are equally famous among children and adults. Therefore, party organizers and designers have found various unique and exciting ways to use balloons for decoration. However, using balloons in Sydney in traditional way that is just inflating balloons of various colors and just randomly placing them in some gathering is still famous but now a day there are many other trends as well which includes customized balloons and balloons made from different materials. 

Modern balloons are made from different materials such rubber, latex and nylon. These come in various colors and can be filled with gasses such as helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, air and sometimes water as well. There are two kinds of artists who use different techniques for balloons décor. One of them is knows as twister and other is called stacker. Twister artist use pencil balloons whereas stacker makes use of round balloons. Most artists are now diverting their attention to air filled balloons rather than helium. There are various patterns and designs in which balloons can be decorated. Most common patterns include column, arches, sculptures, centerpiece and bouquets made from balloons.

Pencil balloons are used for twisting purposes. The twister artist twists the pencil balloons to make various shapes from it. Due to the increase demand of this type of balloons the balloons decorators combines the techniques of stacking and twisting to create unique masterpieces.
The balloons used in parties are usually made from latex, and these are commonly filled with air or helium. Since latex is used in these balloons their elasticity is adjustable and you can fill them according to your desired volume considering the capacity of it. Although when we talk about party balloons we either mean twisted or pencil balloons which can be shaped in any form related to the occasion on which these are used. Such as twisting pencil balloons to make alphabets to create some name in someone’s birthday party.

However, filling the nice birthday balloons with mouth can be a very exhausting task and you cannot possibly do it when there are hundreds of balloons. Therefore a manual or electric pump is used to do this task which inflates the balloon with desired gas. You can use any kind of gas to inflate the balloons but when you want your balloons to levitate in the air you make use of helium gas. Helium gas is lighter than the air which helps to lift the balloon up in the air. The hot air balloons which are used to carry people also make use of helium gas. But the problem with helium gas is that the helium particles escape from the material of balloons, therefore helium balloons may only retain their shape for a day or two whereas the balloons filled with air can retain their shape and size for a quite long.