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Three Major Reasons Why You Should Consider Asia For Your Destination Wedding

It almost feels like every newly wedded bride and groom wants to have a destination wedding now-a-days…and since you’re reading this article, we’re guessing you are interested in a destination wedding as well.
But first, CONGRATULATIONS for your upcoming wedding! We’re sure you’re super excited…and dreading it in equal measure.But talking about destination weddings, we personally feel that a destination wedding in Asia would be perfect; and we want to share with you why exactly we feel so.Here’s to hoping you decide on Asia after all…!
The rich culture and traditions.The best part about destination weddings, no one bats an eye about what you include into your wedding theme.
Most Asian countries have rich cultural values and traditions in general; and a wedding is no less. Take India or Hong Kongfor example. Can you just imagine having your wedding with the whole Bollywood effect to it? And getting your guests to dress according to the theme? Precious! It’s the same with HK.
HK wedding photography and themes are quite unique, so you might want to ask your own photographer if he can manage it.
If he isn’t able to, and if you really want to have HK wedding photography styles included into your wedding, contact one of the local photographers and convince them to join your photographer’s team.
The stunning views and venues.Why else would you choose a destination wedding anyway?
Most Asian countries have so many lovely venues for your perfect, romantic wedding, which we are sure you’re going to have a tough time deciding on one location. And the views are worth dying for, we promise! A destination wedding in Asia would be perfect, especially if you’ve had your pre wedding shoot back home; the contrast in the photographs will be lovely. If you’ve not had your pre wedding shoot (or e-shoot) yet, consider opting for a destination pre shoot. You can get this done when you arrive earlier to check the destination out.
The climate and the resorts.What better place to promise “I do” than in the outdoors, surrounded by plants or feet sunk into the soft sea sand? And where better, where more a romantic climate than in Asia? This alone should convince you. Be warned though, you do need to be prepared for the destination’s climate; if you’re not prepared for the hot climate, you might have to start mopping up your makeup as it drips while you exchange your vows.
There also the fact that most Asian destination venues are equipped with resorts. Yes, you guessed right! You can say your vows and slip away to begin your honeymoon, just a quick trip away.
Remember how we said you won’t be able to decide on the location? Here’s something we learnt. If you want both, have both…one for the wedding, and one for the honeymoon!