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The Ultimate Guide To Dressing Right

What you wear is an extension of your personality. Your dress is the first thing that gets noticed by anyone who lays their eye s on you, and as someone very aptly said, first impressions are last impressions. You do not want to spoil your first impression, especially if it is a special occasion for you or a loved one. Dressing is an art, some have a knack for it and some learn and adapt to it. Here is a guide to what you need to wear and when.

A Wedding

Weddings are generally formal events and require black tie or white tie or a tuxedo. A woman marriage celebrant is advised to steer clear of white, which is reserved only for the bride. Men cannot go wrong with dark suits and shoes. Light colors can be carried off by a few but dark is a go to if you are confused about what to wear. For more info on Gold Coast Marriage Celebrant, ust check this out!

A Cocktail Party

These are informal gatherings that require somewhat formal attire. Long floor length dresses for women and tuxedos for men should be ideal for such events. You can experiment with colors but if you are not too sure then black is the ultimate go to color.

A dinner party

If you are not the main celebrant at the dinner party then make sure to ask your host as to what the party is for and what the attire should be. Formal or informal. Let your host guide you on this one as some dinner parties may just be outdoor gatherings where sleek casual would be alright. However, some might be formal sit down dinners and require formal attire. Take some time to call your host and then chose your outfit for the evening.

A Business Dinner or a Company party

Here you have to go as conservative as you can. Business parties are not a place to be provocative and fun. You want people to take you seriously and look beyond your outfit. Dress up smart, dress up tall and dress up to make people look to your face. Here you dress code should be smart casual, where you are not dressed in a tight suit to show that these are out of your work hours but you are still dressed smart to let them know that it is a business gathering.

An Interview

Dressing smart has never been more important. Your dress is what is going to make a first impression on your interviewer the moment you walk through that door. Your hair, your dress and your shoes, it all matters. Prepare in advance and keep you attire ready before your interview day. You don’t want to fret over what you are going to wear that day and land being late for the interview.

If everything fails, let you guts guide you. Think about who you are going to be around, where you are going to go and follow that through to help you decide what you should be wearing.